Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Modest Disapointment

So tonight I stumbled upon the new modest mouse single (mm's myspace page.) I have to say this is a huge disappointment. Well to start off this last year had some of the worst releases from some of my favorite bands... cursive, grandaddy, trail of dead. And disappointing ones from Thunderbirds are NOW!, Belle and Sebastian and the Thermals to name a few.

Then right I was going to give up Joanna Newsom released Ys and I had faith in artists still having it in them... and then "Dashboard" comes my way.

Now MM's last release Good News for People Who Love Bad News was well a disappointment for me yet their biggest commercial success. I still enjoy the album, but it's their weakest. If this single is any indication of the new album We were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank then I'm going to be crying as I force feed it to myself on it's release date.

The songs production values (even on the shitty myspace player) sound very well done. It has a typical beat to it and is basically dancy. The lyrics are uninspired and the break down is so formula it hurts.

Float on 2.0 maybe? sigh... It could have been worse, but it's not custom concern...

A post on the comments said the song sounded like Klum's Untitled. (link) It oddly does have a similar sound. Jesus...

I think my biggest reason for having faith in the new material is that Johnny Marr is now in the band. Johnny... come on.


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Ally said...

wait wait wait... what disappointing belle and sebastian album?? granted, the life pursuit was different, and not exactly an instant classic.. but i still thought it was pretty great.


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